2015 ISAF Sailing World Cup- Melbourne- 2.4mR Class Open Doors to All Competitors


2.4mR Class Open Doors to All Competitors 

 Excitement grows for December’s ISAF Sailing World Cup- Melbourne after the announcement of the Invited 2.4mR Class now being open to both IFDS classified and non- classified sailors with the addition of both the Invited and Olympic 2.4mR classes sharing the same start line. Despite being scored separately, having the two competitor streams battling it out together increases the participation and as such the quality of racing. Australian 2.4mR Paralympic and Tasmanian High Performance Coach Richard Scarr agrees with this decision:

“It is important for classified sailors to race against non- classified sailors as it expands the skill level in what is generally a small population of competitors. For our athletes to have the best chance in Rio they must train and compete against the fastest sailors in the world. Both 2012 London Olympian Matt Bugg and Australian Sailing Squad’s, Neil Patterson, look forward to competing in their home country over the Australian Summer.”

In addition to the ISAF Sailing World Cup, a rare opportunity has sparked with the development of three highly weighted regattas all being within ‘arms reach’ of each other over the summer months. The IFDS Combined World Championships (RYCV), the ISAF Sailing World Cup- Melbourne(RYCV) and the 2016 2.4mR Australian Nationals and World Championships (RYCT) all being held between late November 2015 and early January 2016 reduces the often logistical nightmare faced by competitors trying to complete three regattas within the space of two months.

The 2015 2.4mR World Championships are set to kick off in Rauma, Finland, on the 8th August with 109 sailors currently registered in this well-established and internationally recognised Class.  Australia is said to be the next stop on the Calendar for all Paralympic athletes and European families alike. Whether it’s trying to prepare for the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games or simply escaping the European Winter to some of the top tourist destinations in the world, these Australian Summer regattas are set to be the highlight of the 2015/16 season.

For more information on these regattas please see below:

IFDS Combined World Championships

26 Nov to 3 Dec 2015- Royal Yacht Club of Victoria

ISAF Sailing World Cup- Melbourne

7 to 13 Dec 2015-  Royal Yacht Club of Victoria (2.4mR Class)

2016 2.4mR Australian National and World Championships

2 to 10 Jan 2016-  Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania